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Tue, 19 Oct 2021 03:00:09 +0000
The choice of time and place was definitely wrong, and though the woman claimed to have good intentions, she nearly drove her fellow passengers mad.

Tue, 19 Oct 2021 02:27:41 +0000
In case you were trying to guess what this moniker means, we'll spill the beans for you: according to the singer, the word \"ye\" is most commonly used in the Bible and means \"you.\"

Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:38:42 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The late Colin Powell, who was the first Black man to serve as Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was always aligned to his Caribbean roots and upbringing regardless of how much he achieved throughout his career in public service, Jamaican Ambassador to the United Nations Curtis Ward told Sputnik.

Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:25:40 +0000
North Korea has recently conducted several tests of newly developed weapon systems in the region. Earlier this month, the Japanese coast guard reported a violation of its economic zone by a North Korean ship with an alleged missile on board.

Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:13:55 +0000
The statue of one of the nation's Founding Fathers stood in the Big Apple's City Hall for 187 years, gifted in 1834 by naval officer and Jefferson admirer Uriah Phillips Levy. Activists and lawmakers have struggled over the painted plaster statue for decades.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 23:41:42 +0000
Brahim Ghali, the head of Western Sahara’s Polisario liberation front, has vowed that the group will continue to resist Moroccan rule over the territory until the United Nations holds the independence referendum it has long promised to oversee.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 23:21:54 +0000
Khalilzad said now was the right time to resign as the United States enters a \"new phase\" in Afghanistan after its full withdrawal from the country in August.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 23:10:44 +0000
Tensions have been high in Lebanon, where, in addition to an already difficult economic situation, armed clashes took place on Thursday during protests over the lengthy probe into the Beirut port blast. The gunfight in Lebanon's capital last week has evoked memories of the country's bloodiest period, the 1975-90 civil war.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:39:04 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US large manned aircraft, including early warning surveillance airplanes, are becoming increasingly vulnerable, US Pacific Air Forces Director of Strategy, Plans, Programs and Requirements Brig. Gen. Christopher Niemi said.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:33:57 +0000
SOCHI, Russia (Sputnik) - It is necessary to rethink the existing world order, favoring multipolar world and granting the Group of Twenty, the forum of 19 most influential nations and the European Union otherwise known as the G20, a leading role, to address post-pandemic challenges, former Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:24:23 +0000
NEW YORK (Sputnik) - Big Tech extended its winning streak on Wall Street for a four straight day on Monday, boosted by expectations that the sector will post upbeat third-quarter earnings.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:17:09 +0000
NEW YORK (Sputnik) - Former US President Donald Trump, who completed earlier questioning in a lawsuit that alleges his security guards assaulted protesters, said in a statement that the allegations represented another baseless harassment against him.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:10:05 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US House Select Committee investigating the January 6 events sent a private letter to former Breitbart media chief Steve Bannon’s lawyer in which it refutes his arguments not to cooperate in the ongoing probe and threatens to hold him accountable for contempt of Congress, the Washington Post reported.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 22:02:18 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US State Department Inspector General is launching a probe into the manner the Biden administration ended the United States' diplomatic operations in Afghanistan, Politico reported on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:51:04 +0000
LONDON (Sputnik) - A powerful explosion has struck a residential building in the town of Ayr in southwestern Scotland, Ayrshire Police said on Monday, adding emergency services are operating at the scene.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:46:11 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Moscow expresses condolences over the death of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell and believes that his political realism and ability to listen to the other side are what is missing in the current state of relations between Russia and the US, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:34:38 +0000
MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - Mexican state laboratory Birmex will begin bottling and packaging the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in the second half of November, Mexican media reported on Monday, citing the company's director, Pedro Zenteno.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:28:54 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The US Treasury Department will employ certain extraordinary measures through December 3 to avoid hitting the temporarily-extended debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a letter to congressional leaders on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:12:09 +0000
The stock market, which has roughly doubled since its March 2020 low and is up almost 40% since January 2020, reportedly has been the primary source of wealth creation and inequality in the US during the pandemic.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:10:02 +0000
A million illegal immigrants have been trafficked into the US since Joe Biden took office in January this year, many destined for exploitation by drug traffickers or in prostitution helping. The president's approval ratings have plummeted since July amid the border crisis.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:00:16 +0000
On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot reportedly warned officers who defy the city’s vaccine mandate will not be paid — and could risk being disciplined or fired if they failed to show up for work.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:44:16 +0000
Former US President Donald Trump has asserted in a new court filing that the documents sought by a Congressional panel investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol by Trump's supporters are protected by executive privilege.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 20:15:39 +0000
Texas’ controversial “heartbeat” law will return to the US Supreme Court again as the US Department of Justice tries to get the law suspended during litigation. Opponents of the law say the high court violated its own rulings by allowing it to take effect, and fear it could signal a readiness to strike down abortion rights altogether.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:41:14 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday declined to comment on a report claiming that China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:29:10 +0000
The statements come as part of a lawsuit brought after a September 2015 protest in New York City — brought by six protesters of Mexican origin claiming that Trump’s security team assaulted them on a Manhattan sidewalk as they protested outside the Trump Tower against Trump’s statements on Mexican immigrants.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:23:05 +0000
The first African-American to hold the post of secretary of state died on 18 October due to complications from COVID-19. Although he was fully vaccinated, apparently his immune system was compromised by his battle with bone marrow cancer.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:04:04 +0000
Nearly 50 million of the UK's 67 million population have had at least one dose of a vaccine against COVID-19 since the immunisation drive began in December 2020. The government has hailed the jab as \"breaking the link\" between the number of cases and deaths.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 18:48:07 +0000
BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - NATO regrets the decision of Russia to suspend the work of the missions of the alliance and Russia, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu told Sputnik.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 18:25:27 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Iran has one of the largest arsenals of missiles and military drones in the region and the world despite years of sanctions, the head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force said Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 18:25:02 +0000
US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Monday that Washington was not \"optimistic, not pessimistic,\" but simply \"clear-eyed\" about a new round of talks with Iran about returning to the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:24:19 +0000
Juventus and Roma have shared a bitter rivalry since the 1980s, when the Rome-based team were denied the Serie A title due to a howler by a referee. Evidence of the dislike between the two sides can be gauged from the fact that during the 1990s, then-Roma coach Zdenek Zeman accused the players of the Old Lady of doping.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:05:50 +0000
Alexandra Hunt said she hopes her run for office may help draw the public’s attention to the plight of former and current sex workers who have faced the stigma over the choice of their job. She is running on a progressive platform because she believes politicians \"should fight for systemic change, ensuring equal opportunity and justice for all\".

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 17:04:10 +0000
Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Boris Johnson led two hours in tribute to the “dedicated, passionate\" veteran lawmaker in the House of Commons.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:32:57 +0000
WASHINGTON, October 18 (Sputnik) - The FBI is helping the US State Department secure the release of 17 Christian missionaries who were taken hostage in Haiti over the weekend, the Miami Herald reported on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:21:33 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The Biden administration is setting up a biometric data base at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to gather information on the movement of migrants within the United States who are moving north across the land border with Mexico, MBC News reported on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:19:59 +0000
Many factors have prompted fears among the Democrats of losing their majority in Congress, including the declining ratings of President Joe Biden amid a surge in COVID-19 cases and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:14:55 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States' second largest television operator, Sinclair Broadcast, was breached with ransomware over the weekend, the company said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:59:14 +0000
In July England lost on penalties against Italy at Wembley Stadium and to make matters worse UEFA launched an investigation into how ticketless fans managed to gain access to the ground. Now England are having to pay the price for the disturbances.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:50:14 +0000
Kylian Mbappe has been heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid as the Spanish club's president Florentino Perez is eyeing to sign another charismatic forward after Cristiano Ronaldo. But the La Liga team's attempts to sign him during the summer didn't succeed, as PSG sporting director Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo rejected all their offers.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:30:39 +0000
Last month, about 15,000 people gathered in the Dutch capital Amsterdam to demand an end to the housing crisis in their city.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:19:32 +0000
The development comes a month after Mr Sarkozy was sentenced to one year in prison after court found him guilty of illegally financing his 2012 re-election campaign, which the politician lost.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:17:50 +0000
The Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the UK-EU trade deal, is ostensibly intended to preserve the conditions of the 1998 Belfast Agreement — better known as the Good Friday Agreement — that ended the 30-year conflict between republicans, loyalists and British forces in the region.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:13:26 +0000
FBI’s involvement in 6 January riots could be bigger than the mainstream media have recently acknowledged, according to US political commentator Julie Kelly. She wonders whether the DC incident was part of the agency's Operation Cold Snap against Whitmer kidnapping case plotters, unveiled by BuzzFeed in July 2021.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:05:54 +0000
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid tribute to the Conservative lawmaker Sir David Amess, who died after being stabbed to death last week.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:12:50 +0000
Since 2 October, a total of 11 civilians have been shot dead by militants in Jammu and Kashmir. Most of them hailed from the Indian state of Bihar and belonged to the Hindu and Sikh communities.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:11:43 +0000
Osteomyelitis, a rare condition, is a bone infection that generally affects the legs, arms, or spine. The treatment usually involves the surgical removal of the \"dead\" bone.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:01:34 +0000
Facebook has repeatedly claimed that most of the hate speech and violent content on the platform is removed by the company's \"super-efficient\" AI before users even see it.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:55:47 +0000
The former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has died of complications from COVID-19. Powell, 84, was the first African-American in the post but decided against a presidential bid.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:51:36 +0000
The claims made in the dossier were used by the FBI to obtain FISA warrants to spy on a member of Trump's 2016 campaign even though the bureau already had reason to believe that Steele's reports were unreliable.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:49:14 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - UK Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab said on Monday that the amount of online hate speech against members of parliament is getting \"out of control,\" calling for an end to the vilification of legislators.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:38:49 +0000
The development comes less than 10 days before the statesman is due to unveil his Autumn Budget which he hopes will speed up the British economy's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Previously the Government announced tax rises, which the UK economic think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, described as \"the biggest\" in decades.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:36:13 +0000
Amess, a 69-year old Tory legislator, was fatally stabbed on Friday, as he was meeting with voters in a church in Essex. Following the assassination, police arrested Ali Harbi Ali, a 25-year-old British man of Somali heritage from London. The authorities consider the stabbing attack to be a terror-related incident.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:34:33 +0000
The former employee is appearing before Parliament as British lawmakers discuss the possibility of adopting the Online Safety Bill, a proposed law that stipulates significant fines on tech companies if they fail to act against illegal content and abuse online.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:12:40 +0000
This is not the first time that Virat Kohli has been trolled by netizens for his messages about celebrations. Last year, his public appeal not to set off firecrackers on Diwali evoked massive backlash on social media. Most Indians enjoy seting off fireworks. Any celeb opposing it for pollution concerns is usually targeted as \"anti-Hindu\".

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:12:19 +0000
Fuel prices in India have reached a record high. In most parts of the country, the petrol rates have already gone beyond INR 100 ($1.33) per litre, diesel prices too have crossed that level in over a dozen states and union territories.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:26:14 +0000
Late last month, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian spoke about \"a crisis of trust\" in the nation's relations with London and Washington, who earlier announced the AUKUS defence alliance with Canberra. The pact entailed Australia's exit from a hefty contract with France to construct 12 submarines.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:19:10 +0000
Moscow, Oct 18 – RIA Novosti. The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest has announced the winner of the Grand Prix.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:17:20 +0000
Farmers in India have been protesting for almost a year now, demanding the scrapping of three contentious farm laws passed by the BJP-led federal government last year. The government and the farmers' unions have held several rounds of talks. But none have borne fruit.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:12:00 +0000
The popular K-pop act will return on stage after about five months since the ninth mini-album “One Of A Kind”.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:02:25 +0000
The family of the former US secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote on his Facebook page announcing Colin Powell's passing on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 11:39:08 +0000
NATO previously confirmed that it had revoked the accreditation of eight employees of the Russian mission to the alliance and reduced the number of accreditations for the Russian Federation to 10.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 11:18:40 +0000
According to Sijbe Knol, his party aims for broader representation at home by addressing housing, energy, and language issues.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 11:15:33 +0000
The latest incident is dreadfully reminiscent of the 2018 and 2019 landslides in the state of Kerala. In 2018, the bodies of two children were found hugging the body of their mother. In 2019, the body of a mother was found holding the hand of her infant under the debris from a landslide in Malappuram.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 11:06:44 +0000
Chinese PLA researchers are reportedly seeking to improve the accuracy of the country's hypersonic delivery systems via artificial intelligence, according to the South China Morning Post.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:40:12 +0000
Facebook plans to dip its social media tentacles into the European pool of talent and consumer potential.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:31:27 +0000
The situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has been deteriorating over the past few months, as hostilities reemerged between the central government and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF).

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:28:47 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - South Korea’s Foreign Ministry has expressed concerns to Japan about its planned discharge of water used to cool the reactor of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant, a ministry official said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:21:40 +0000
The news comes three days after the United Kingdom was rocked by the stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess, who was killed by a 25-year-old man during a meeting with his constituents. Mr Amess is the second lawmaker to be killed in the past five years.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:52:59 +0000
The statement comes amid reports that US citizens may face problems while visiting their families for Thanksgiving due to low vaccination rates among Transportation Security Administration employees, which in turn may affect the number of personnel allowed to work during the festive season.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:37:29 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The foreign political choices of US President Joe Biden's administration started having confounding effects on several US allies less than a year after taking office, The Washington Post reported.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:32:45 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Former Central Intelligence Agency officer Edward Snowden on Monday criticized the instant messaging app Telegram for not taking down a fake account that published inappropriate content using his identity.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:27:12 +0000
In a study released in early April, UK scientists argued that research had confirmed their suspicions that a coronavirus diagnosis doesn't only mean respiratory symptoms, but also involves \"psychiatric and neurological problems\".

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:23:51 +0000
The Financial Times earlier reported that the test of the alleged hypersonic glider vehicle by China this summer \"caught the US government by surprise\" as it purportedly demonstrated the great progress achieved by Beijing in this area.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:04:29 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The first string of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was filled with technical gas, while pre-commissioning procedures for the second string continue, pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AG said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 08:51:10 +0000
Gilad Shalit, a former Israeli soldier, spent five years in a Hamas prison. During his time in captivity, thousands rallied to free him, with Tel Aviv eventually having to release over a thousand Palestinian prisoners charged with terrorism to secure his freedom, dividing the Israeli public over the matter.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 08:22:35 +0000
The winter games are scheduled to take place in the Chinese capital from 4-20 February 2022.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 08:18:46 +0000
Denmark is considered among the world's leaders in the use of wind energy. Today, wind and solar combined supply more than half of Denmark's electricity, and the plan is to increase their share to 84 percent by 2035.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:56:40 +0000
On April Fools' Day earlier this year, Greta Thunberg tweeted out that she had created a YouTube video to focus on \"some small things we all can and should do to stop the climate crisis\". The link, however, actually sent users to the music video for Rick Astley's \"Never Gonna Give You Up\".

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:55:03 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The bitcoin exchange rate stood at more than $62,000 on Monday morning for the first time since April, according to trading data.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:34:20 +0000
ANKARA (Sputnik) -Turkey can purchase Russia's Su-35 and Su-57 fighters if the United States freezes the sale of F-16 fighter jets, Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries chief Ismail Demir said on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:22:21 +0000
Due to the excellent condition of the steamer, archaeologists warned that it is likely to be looted, given that most of the relics remained on board and its location is now known. Among other things, clocks, compasses, crockery, and bottles are the most sought-after commodities.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:13:49 +0000
BEIJING (Sputnik) - China's GDP grew 9.8 percent year-on-year in the first three quarters of 2021, as the country's economy has been recovering from the negative effects of the pandemic, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) announced on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 06:53:22 +0000
The leader of the opposition Danish People's Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, called the $4.8 billion annual toll levied on the state's coffers by non-western immigration \"astronomical\" and proposed a massive deportation programme.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 06:51:52 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik), Andrei Savenkov - The ongoing energy crisis in Europe is not caused by geopolitics but is instead a product of multiple factors coming together, such as the unexpected return of demand and regions taking the market away from each other, Angela Wilkinson, the secretary-general and CEO of the World Energy Council (WEC), said.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:52:17 +0000
The Metropolitan Police Service announced in an early Saturday memo that Friday's fatal stabbing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess in the Essex town of Leigh-on-Sea has been declared a terrorist incident.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:41:30 +0000
A fire has broken out at the Mina al-Ahmadi oil refinery, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company reported on Monday.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 05:16:13 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - US authorities remain unaware of the whereabouts of the American Christian missionaries and their families abducted in Haiti, The New York Times reports.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 04:24:11 +0000
A shooting has occurred at a school in the Oktyabrsky District of the Perm Region of Russia, but luckily nobody was hurt, local police told Sputnik.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 03:48:17 +0000
The city dismantled the huge bronze statue, which depicts Lee on horseback with another mounted soldier, in 2017 after racial violence occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier that year over the scheduled removal of another Lee memorial.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 03:17:23 +0000
Dormice have been eaten since the days of the Roman Empire, when they were considered a luxury snack for the elite. They used to bake their insides after replacing them with pig mince. Modern-day Croatia and Slovenia reportedly continue to eat them.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 02:30:39 +0000
The 58-year-old actor and rock musician is still trying to restore his reputation after ex-wife Amber Heard claimed in an op-ed that Depp is an abuser, which eventually led to the actor losing several big projects. The legal case against Heard will reportedly go to trial in Fairfax County, Virginia in April 2022.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 01:55:41 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The Grambling State University, located in Louisiana, is now operating as normal following a shooting at a homecoming event that left one dead.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 01:10:03 +0000
Last month, POTUS announced a series of sweeping mask mandates requiring face mask rules for federal officials and private businesses. Wearing a face mask in DC restaurants and bars is also mandatory, with Americans risking a fine if they don't comply with the rules.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 01:06:48 +0000
The lawmaker warned of the hazards of poor debt management, saying that Dems and Republicans are all \"truly irresponsible\" if they fail to act and allow the dollar to depreciate. In that case, however, bitcoin could become an alternative.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 00:36:59 +0000
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The ninth evacuation flight from Afghanistan since August 31 has carried more than 350 people out of the Afghan capital of Kabul, a senior Qatari government official told CNN.

Mon, 18 Oct 2021 00:05:21 +0000
Iran — which Israel considers to be its arch-enemy — has been supporting both Lebanon's Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas in their fight against Israel. In August, the Hezbollah chief said that the group does not seek to escalate tensions with the Jewish State but would respond harshly to any Israeli strike against Lebanon in the future.

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 23:08:57 +0000
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - At least three people, including a teenager, died in a knife attack incident in Arkansas, the Fort Smith Police Department (FSPD) informs.

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 22:52:57 +0000
WASHINGTON, October 18 (Sputnik) - The US Coast Guard says its representatives have boarded a ship that is suspected of causing a major pipeline oil spill off the coast of southern California.

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 22:14:01 +0000
MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) - The Venezuelan government is suspending its participation in talks with the opposition over the extradition of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab from Cape Verde to the United States, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Jorge Rodriguez has announced.

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 22:11:54 +0000
While past cleaning or hospitality experience was mentioned as a plus, the post stated that attention to detail and a dedication to delivering the \"highest standard\" of tidiness were \"most important.\"

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